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jLife Story

Welcome to jLife Wealth Management! My name is Roger Conde and I started in the financial services business in 1993. I have met many people during the course of my career, and I believe that I have helped many of them achieve their dreams and goals in retirement and legacy. It was my dream to pass on the values that my parents taught me, to work hard and live a good life, but always remember to “enjoy the moment” while on this journey through life.

In 2018, my views about life strengthened even more, let me explain why. Back in April of 2015 my eldest son, Jacob (9 ½ at this time) was diagnosed with an aggressive but rare bone cancer, known as Ewing Sarcoma. In brief, he fought hard for 3 ½ years. There were a lot of good times that we cherish, but there were also a lot of bad times that he/we went through. All in all, he showed strength that I could hardly imagine having, as all those who battle cancer must endure. Jacob passed away right after turning 13 years old in November of 2018.

In March of 2016 my mother was diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer’s. In early November of 2017 she had a stroke and slowed her down some, but seemed to recover by Christmas or December of 2017. However, in late January of 2018 she suffered a series of strokes from which she never spoke again, and had many difficulties. She ended up in skilled care and passed away in March of 2018. Unfortunately, going through these past few years I had to learn firsthand how important it is to have things in place and to know where everything is both personally and legally. My family was lucky because I had everything in place for my parents and my family to help guide us through these tough times. We did not have to worry about planning at the last second or calling an attorney to prepare legal documents. Everything was in place.

These life events made me realize that the common phrase “Life is too short” has a different meaning for me today and has given this firm a passion to help people, not only in the good times but also in the bad times. There are so many people who work incredibly hard and plan for their future retirement years; however, Life is not promised to us, and everyone should learn how to “Plan for Tomorrow, Live Today”. Life is meant to be lived every moment of every day, and we need to remember that.

We are here to help our clients see things in a different way. We believe that you will find our approach to financial planning to be very unique and engaging. Our process dives much deeper than the traditional approach you may be accustomed to. We focus on core values and real conversations to guide us through the investment process. The process is designed to be driven by what is most important to you first and foremost.

Finally, jLife stands for the following:

The j is for Jacob, my son, and the Life he had

The L is for Lucas,my other son, for the Life that he will have