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S.T.E.P. into Retirement®

Today retirement means something different. It’s not like before, what is the saying “it’s not your grandfathers, retirement”. First, people are living longer than ever before. So retirement means something different to everyone. At jLife, instead of retiring, we want you to S.T.E.P. into the next phase of your life, no matter what it is.

Our S.T.E.P. into Retirement® system is designed to do just that. As other advisors do, we help you plan for retirement. However, our process goes farther than that, since your retirement should be far more than your investments alone. It is our job to prepare you in all ways which include - financially, emotionally and physically.

One of the biggest concerns that we have, is that many people are retiring without having any sort of plan in place. They then discover, that there is a misconception that your expenses go down in retirement and are surprised with the dramatic changes that occur to their day to day life.

Aside from money and how you will be receiving income, you need to plan for how you will structure your day and how you will maintain healthy habits.  There are so many other things that come up, so fortunately, we have experienced those from prior clients that came before, so simple planning and slight adjustments can make all of the difference.

We’ve helped many people S.T.E.P. into retirement successfully, and we plan to do the same for you.

<strong>WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU </strong>


  • A clear picture of what you’d like to accomplish in retirement

  • Confidence and peace of mind knowing that your finances are in order

  • Less stress during the transition phase

  • Well prepared for the changes that may occur in your retirement years