Every person and family has their own unique story, which comes with a set of unique needs. Whether you are a young professional just starting out, a pre-retiree getting your ducks in a row, or someone who’s going through major life events such as a recent divorce or widowing - we work with individuals and families that seek independent financial advice on sustainable ways to protect and grow their wealth.


Our financial planning services are broken down into two categories:


Build Your Wealth

For younger individuals and families who want to build their wealth, leave a legacy and avoid outliving their money.

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Wealth Management

For investors. It’s not just about making money, it's also about minimizing risk and being prepared for whatever life throws your way.

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Our goal is to help you GROW, PRESERVE and DISTRIBUTE your wealth - in order to live your best life.

Which of these life stages are you currently in?

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Who We Serve | Financial Services | jLife Wealth Management

Set the stage for your best future.

jLife can help you:

  • Begin by eliminating money stress; any college or other financial debt by helping you get organized
  • Put a plan in place so you can achieve your goals
  • Make sure you stay on track
  • Handle competing demands of paying off debt and saving for your future
  • Avoid emotional mistakes that can steer you off track


Shift gears and step into your retirement years.

If you’ve ever wondered:

  • When will I know I am ready to retire?
  • How are my 401(k) and Roth IRA doing? Am I saving enough?
  • What should I do to prepare for a market downturn?
  • If I suddenly pass away, what happens?

jLife can help you:

  • Pinpoint what’s important to you and your family
  • Create a snapshot of where you are today (Balance Sheet and Cash Flow)
  • Create a plan of where you want to be in your life today and in retirement
  • Get financially organized to reduce stress and increase confidence
  • Be able to handle competing demands in your life, i.e. supporting your family, college tuition expenses, paying off debt and saving for retirement
  • Monitor your investments and make sure they are allocated appropriately for your goals
  • Feel confident about your investment strategy as we stay the course
  • Preserve your wealth as it grows
Who We Serve | Financial Services | jLife Wealth Management



Who We Serve | Financial Services | jLife Wealth Management

Live the life you always dreamed of.

If you’re asking yourself:

  • Will I outlive my money?
  • How do I handle the costs of healthcare?
  • How can I leave a legacy for my family?
  • How could I help my children and grandchildren make smart decisions with their own money as they grow?

jLife can help you:

  • Step into this next chapter of your life
  • Ensure your investments are in line with your goals and risk tolerance
  • Manage the up’s and down’s in the market
  • Create income strategies that meet your needs and goals
  • Avoid making decisions based on emotions, which could ultimately set you back
  • Preserve your accumulated wealth that you’ve worked hard for
  • Plan your legacy, and help us understand what that means to you, as it means something different for everyone




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